For Immediate Release
Monday, January 4, 2021

To Members of the Press

The Texas Senate is committed both to transparency in the conduct of its business and to providing access to the media.  Senate proceedings and all Senate committee hearings are livestreamed via the Senate webstream or televised broadcast.  In order to provide physical access, the Senate requires all members of the press to have and display Senate media credentials to enter the Senate Chamber while the Senate is in session.

Due to the pandemic, access to the Capitol will be limited for at least the first 60 days according to the following procedures.  Seating for the media will be restricted to the Senate Gallery.

The Senate will maintain a press pool rotation that will allow 2 designated representatives from the electronic media (one urban, one rural) and 2 designated representatives from the print and digital media (one urban, one rural) to be in the Senate Gallery while the Senate is in session.

Press pool assignments are non-transferable and will be announced 24 hours in advance of a Senate session.  At the conclusion of the session, media members will be escorted from the gallery.

To accommodate social distancing protocols and provide the maximum allowable seating for the public, the media will not be allowed in committee hearings but may view the hearings via web stream or televised broadcast.  As a reminder, videos of Senate proceedings are available on the Senate’s webpage or upon request from Senate Media at (512) 463-0300.  Please remember that members of the press may contact the offices of individual senators to schedule an appointment for an interview by telephone or in-person.

To apply for Senate media credentials, send the following documents to the Secretary of the Senate by regular mail at P.O. Box 12068, Austin, Texas 78711; by e-mail at; or by fax to (512) 463-6034:

  • a completed, signed, and notarized Media Credential Application; and
  • verification of employment on official letterhead from the news director or bureau chief of the employing news organization.

Copies of the application and additional important information regarding the process can be obtained under “Quick Links” on the Senate’s home page at

The Texas Senate reserves the right to issue, deny, or revoke media credentials at anytime.

For further information about Senate rules, policies, and procedures relating to media access, contact the Secretary of the Senate at

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