Tom Craddick (R) and Senfronia Thompson (D)



Charlie Geren (R)



Agriculture & Livestock – Chair Briscoe Cain (R)

Appropriations – Chair Greg Bonnen (R)

Business & Industry – Chair Oscar Longoria (D)

Calendars – Chair Dustin Burrows (R)

Corrections – Chair Abel Herrero (D)

County Affairs – Chair Victoria Neave Criado (D)

Criminal Jurisprudence – Chair Joe Moody (D)

Culture, Recreation, & Tourism – Chair Trent Ashby (R)

Defense & Veteran Affairs – Chair Terry Wilson (R)

Elections – Chair Reggie Smith (R)

Energy Resources – Chair Craig Goldman (R)

Environmental Regulation – Chair Brooks Landgraf (R)

General Investigating – Chair Andy Murr (R)

Higher Education – Chair John Kuempel (R)

Homeland Security & Public Safety – Chair Ryan Guillen (R)

House Administration – Chair Will Metcalf (R)

Human Services – Chair James Frank (R)

Insurance – Chair Tom Oliverson (R)

International Relations & Economic Development – Chair Angie Button (R)

Judiciary & Civil Jurisprudence – Chair Jeff Leach (R)

Juvenile Justice & Family Issues – Chair Harold Dutton (D)

Land and Resource Management – Chair DeWayne Burns (R)

Licensing & Administrative Procedures – Chair Ken King (R)

Local and Consent Calendars – Chair Cody Harris (R)

Natural Resources – Chair Tracy King (D)

Pensions, Investments, & Financial Services – Chair Gio Capriglione (R)

Public Education – Chair Brad Buckley (R)

Public Health – Chair Stephanie Klick (R)

Redistricting – Chair Drew Darby (R)

Resolutions Calendar – Chair Bobby Guerra (D)

State Affairs – Chair Todd Hunter (R)

Transportation – Chair Terry Canales (D)

Urban Affairs – Chair Oscar Lozano (D)

Ways & Mean – Chair Morgan Meyer (R)



Select Committee on Health Care Reform – Chair Sam Harless (R)

Select Committee on Youth Health and Safety – Chair Senfronia Thompson (D)