Texas HD 10 State Representative Jake Ellzey (R-Waxahachie) won the special election runoff last night against Susan Wright (R), widow of former Congressman Ron Wright.  Ellzey and Wright earned the most votes in the May 1 special election field of 23 candidates.  Wright led the field in May with 19% of the vote over Ellzey’s 14%, but Ellzey pulled off a clear final victory with a 6.5% margin and final result of 53-47.

Once Ellzey is sworn in as Texas’ newest member of Congress, a special election will be held to fill his Texas House seat for HD 10.


Texas Secretary of State Election Results



 Commander Jake Ellzey decided to become a fighter pilot when, at age seven, his dad took him on his first plane ride.

A graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, Commander Jake Ellzey served as a fighter pilot and completed his service as the Air Boss on the U.S.S. Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier. In his 20 years of service, Commander Ellzey was deployed nine times, including to Afghanistan and Iraq. He served five combat tours by air and one by ground with Seal Team 5.

For his service, Commander Jake Ellzey received two Bronze Stars and eight Air Medals. After retiring from the military, he became a successful local businessman and was appointed by Governor Rick Perry to serve Texas as Commissioner on the Texas Veterans Commission. Today, Commander Ellzey is a commercial airline pilot based out of DFW.

Jake and his wife Shelby are raising their two children on ten acres in Ellis County.

Most Americans look to Texas for the way forward for prosperity and freedom and liberty. Commander Jake Ellzey understands that what happens in Washington DC could threaten all of that. Commander Ellzey is running to bring Texas values and a hometown conservative mindset to Congress. Especially under this new administration, we need tough conservative representation more than ever.

Jake Ellzey on the issues

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