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AUSTIN – Governor Greg Abbott today issued a proclamation announcing Tuesday, November 2, 2021 as the date for the special runoff election for the Texas State House of Representatives District 118 seat recently vacated by Representative Leo Pacheco. Early voting will begin on Monday, October 18, 2021.

Read the Governor’s full special election proclamation.


HD 118 Special Election
September 28, 2021
John Lujan (R) and Frank Ramirez (D) head to a runoff 

Three Democrats and two Republicans ran to replace Rep. Leo Pacheco (D-San Antonio). Final results show Lujan and Ramirez going to a runoff since no candidate reached 50%. The Governor is expected to announce the runoff date very quickly. It is interesting to note that the two Republican candidates earned just slightly more than half the vote, with a combined total of 50.34%. It will be a very competitive runoff in this traditionally-Democratic district.

31 of 31 polling locations reported
Lujan (R) 41.53% 2,938 votes
Ramirez (D) 20.01% 1,416 votes
Martinez (D) 17.58% 1,244 votes
Farias (D) 12.07% 854 votes
Salyer (R) 8.81% 623 votes

JOHN LUJAN (R-San Antonio)
Former Rep. John Lujan’s ties to HD 118 run deep. He was born in San Antonio where his mother was a local public-school principal, and his father was a southside minister. John learned from his parents at a young age the importance of serving others. After graduating, John served our community for five years as a Deputy in the Bexar County Sheriff’s department before accepting a job with the San Antonio Fire Department, a position he held for over 25 years. While serving as a firefighter, John worked closely with elected officials at all levels of government to advocate for additional tools and training for first responders to help them better serve their communities. Today, John is a successful business owner who helped grow a small local IT firm into a thriving business that employees over 500 people in our community. John is committed to bringing more quality jobs to our district, so every family is given the opportunity to succeed. John was previously elected to serve District 118 as State Representative in 2016 and wants to serve again to be a strong voice for our community. He will work to strengthen our schools and support our teachers so they can help our kids develop the job skills needed to break cycles of poverty, bring good jobs to our district, and lower the tax burden on our families. John and his wife, Freda, have been married for 37 years. They are proud parents of five boys, three of whom are adopted. John volunteers as a board member with Southside Cardinals Youth Sports League and is a Sunday School teacher at Southside Baptist Church.

Dear Friends: After much discussion and thoughtful prayer with my family, I am proud to announce that I will be running as a Democrat for State Representative in Texas House District 118. Born and raised in San Antonio, I am a product of our public education system where I attended Gillette Elementary, Kingsborough Middle, and McCollum High School in the Harlandale Independent School District. I went on to attend the University of Texas at Austin to study Government, with the goal of coming home and putting my studies into action by helping my community through public service. I have worked in the Texas Legislature serving as a Legislative Director and then as Chief of Staff for House District 118. I gained additional policy experience serving as Zoning and Planning Director for the City of San Antonio. Through my professional and personal experiences I’m proud to have earned the respect of my peers, neighbors, and community leaders. Most importantly, when elected I will be able to hit the ground running. My experience sets me apart as a candidate who has institutional knowledge, a diverse skill set, and a passion to deliver results for all Texans.

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