As early voting begins in less than two weeks on May 20th, consider the vital importance of your participation in the 2024 Runoff Elections. Turnout is typically too low in a runoff, so every single vote takes on greater importance.

Texas, as the world’s 8th largest economy, outstrips nations such as Australia and Russia in GDP. This isn’t just about numbers; it’s about real jobs, real growth, and real opportunities for you and your family. This economic prowess has been sustained through policies that prioritize economic freedom, making Texas a top destination for both Fortune 500 companies and innovative startups alike.



Our leaders must understand the complexities of managing an economy that leads the nation in exports, supports millions of jobs, and drives technological advancements. With more than 3 million small businesses thriving thanks to the Texas Miracle, the Texas business-friendly environment is something we must continue nurturing.

Your vote can uphold the economic strategies that make Texas a beacon of opportunity and prosperity. Don’t let this opportunity slip by. Cast your vote from May 20 to May 24, or on Election Day, May 28, to ensure Texas continues to be a land of opportunity for current and future generations. For more information on where and who you can vote for, visit
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Texas Business Roundtable
P.S. Your vote is a powerful statement about the future you want for Texas. By participating in this runoff, you’re not just voting; you’re advocating for a prosperous future that benefits every Texan. Let’s keep our state on the right track—your decision in the voting booth matters deeply.