Contribution and expenditure reports were due on Monday, August 23 for this special election.  Early voting began Monday as well.  Through Thursday, August 26, 115 mail ballots have been received, and 1,320 persons have voted in person

The race to fill the vacant HD 10 seat formerly held by now-Congressman Jake Ellzey will be held on Tuesday, August 31, 2021.  Early voting will begin on August 23.  Eight candidates filed for this special election, including 5 Republicans, 1 Democrat, 1 Libertarian, and 1 Independent.   HD 10 is a nearly 70% Republican district so an R will ultimately win, but with 8 candidates a runoff should be expected.  With the highest name ID and most campaign experience, Wray and Harrison are the presumed frontrunners.

Governor Abbott’s proclamation setting the HD 10 special election:

John Wray (R-Midlothian) Ethics: 69503
8 day report:  89,000 raised, 172,000 spent, 100,000 loans.  Wray has also reported 14,500 contributions since the 8 day report.
John Wray was the State Representative for HD 10 from 2014 to 2020. During his time in the legislature, he served on the Homeland Security & Public Safety, Ways & Means, Rules & Resolutions, Transportation, and Calendars Committees, and was Vice Chair of the Public Health Committee. He is a board certified attorney in Estate Planning and Probate Law, is the owner of Town Square Title, and was the Mayor of Waxahachie from 2013-2014.  Former Rep. Wray comes into the race with about 50,000 remaining in his campaign account from previous races, and got a quick start on fundraising for this special election.

Brian Harrison (R-Midlothian) Ethics: 85786
8 day report:  61,105 raised, 58,225 spent, 50,000 loans.
Brian Harrison was one of 26 candidates in the recent special election for congressional seat TX-6, finishing 4th overall, and 3rd Republican.  Harrison raised over $500,000 for that race and is expected to do well in fundraising for this short campaign for HD 10.  He served as deputy Chief, and later the Chief of Staff, of the Department of Health and Human Services under the Trump administration. He was picked as a senior lead on the coronavirus task force, and oversaw the HHS’ day-to-day response at the start of the pandemic. He has previously worked under the Bush Administration in the HHS, the Department of Defense, the Social Security Administration, and the Office of the Vice President, as well as for a D.C. PR firm and in family-run small businesses Harrison Homes and Dallas Labradoodles.

Clark Wickliffe (R-Midlothian) Ethics: 85776
8 day report:  19,830 raised, 1,030 spent.
Clark Wickliffe is a sitting Midlothian City Council Member, serves on Midlothian’s Park Advisory, Utility Advisory, and Downton Business Boards, and works as a realtor dealing in residential, commercial, and agricultural properties. He holds a B.A. in Political Science and Government from Navarro College.

Kevin Griffin (R-Midlothian) Ethics: 85783
8 day report:  121,000 raised, 3,500 spent.  Griffin’s 120,000 is all from 2 contributions, 1 of 20,000 and another of 100,000.
Kevin Griffin is the managing partner of Tejas Premium Meats—a processing facility—and Hi View Ranch, a cattle operation in Midlothian.

Susan Mellina Hayslip (R-Waxahachie) Ethics: 85814
No 8 day report on file
Susan Mellina Hayslip is an attorney, specializing in Real Estate, Wills-Trusts-Probate, and Finance Law. She holds a J.D. from Texas A&M University School of Law.

Pierina Otiniano (D-Ennis) Ethics: 85785
8 day report:  16,228 raised, 9,805 spent.
Pierina Otiniano is an immigration attorney. She holds a B.A. in Philosophy and Master’s in Humanities from the University of Dallas, and a J.D. from Loyola New Orleans College of Law.

Matt Savino (L-Seven Points) Ethics: 81969
No 8 day report on file.
Matt Savino works in IT support. He has also worked as a personal trainer, in in-home caregiving, hospital and nursing home care, and has served in the U.S. Navy.

Scott Goodwin (I-Waxahachie) Ethics: 85797
8 day report:  372 raised, 5,266 spent.
Scott Goodwin is a small businessman and cofounder of Obsidian Solution, a custom fixture and furniture company.

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