About the Texas Business Roundtable

Alliance of Major Texas Business Associations

The Texas Business Roundtable is comprised of the chief executives and government affairs staff of 27 Texas professional, business, and trade associations. The Texas Business Roundtable will assist the state’s leading business associations in their commitment to preserving a strong economic climate for Texas business.

The role of the Roundtable is to foster mutual understanding and collaboration between the business community and the legislature on policy questions of vital importance to all Texans. The group accomplishes this, in part, by providing a forum in which the business community and state leaders can meet and discuss issues of common concern. Roundtable member associations collectively represent hundreds of thousands of Texas businesses and their employees, and a united business community will produce a more vibrant and prosperous Texas economy.

TBR members meet for breakfast each week during the legislative session and host members of the Texas Senate, Texas House of Representatives, and other state leaders for discussions of legislative issues and activity. During campaign season, the group meets with candidates for the legislature and other elective positions in Texas government. The organization does not have a political action committee and does not make contributions.

Texas Business Roundtable activities are directed by Carol Sims, who also serves as Executive Director of the Texas Civil Justice League.

TBR Member Organizations

Associated General Contractors –
Highways & Heavy Utilities

Associated General Contractors –
Texas Building Branch

American Council of Engineering Companies

Association of Electric Companies of Texas

Independent Insurance Agents of Texas

Texas Apartment Association

Texas Association of Builders

Texas Association of Manufacturers


Texas Bankers Association

Texas Cable Association

Texas Chemical Council

Texas Civil Justice League

Texas Dental Association

Texas Food & Fuel Association

Texas Hospital Association

Texans for Lawsuit Reform

Texas Medical Association

Texas Oil and Gas Association

Texas Association of Realtors

Texas Package Stores Association

Texas Pharmacy Association

Texas Pipeline Association

Texas Restaurant Association

Texas Retailers Association

Texas Taxpayers and Research Association

Texas Trucking Association

Texas Society of Architects

Wholesale Beer Distributors of Texas

TBR Member Directory

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