Updated 10-13-21

Texas Open SeatDemocratRepublicanNotes
Supreme Court Place 9

Eva Guzman


Running for Attorney General. 

SC Plc 9 awaiting Governor's appointee.

Land Commissioner

George P. Bush


Running for Attorney General
SD 12

Jane Nelson

(R-Flower Mound)

SD 24

Dawn Buckingham


Running for Land Commissioner.
HD 9

Chris Paddie


Not seeking re-election.
HD 13

Ben Leman


Not seeking re-election.
HD 19

James White


Running for Ag Commissioner.
HD 37New district in the valley.  No incumbent.
HD 38

Eddie Lucio III


Not seeking re-election.  Announced 10-1-21.
HD 50

Celia Israel


Israel running for Mayor of Austin.

Rep. Talarico moving into HD 50.

HD 52James Talarico
(D-Round Rock)
This may be an R district on the new map.  Rep. Talarico is moving in HD 50.
HD 61

Phil King


If current proposed SD 10 passes, Chairman King will run for SD 10. (9-27-21)
HD 63

Tan Parker

(R-Flower Mound)

Running for SD 12 open seat (Nelson).
HD 65Michelle Beckley
Running for TX-24 against Beth Van Duyne* (R).
HD 70

Scott Sanford


Not seeking re-election.
HD 93Matt Krause
(R-Fort Worth)
Running for Attorney General.
HD 114

John Turner


Not seeking re-election.
HD 118

Leo Pacheco

(D-San Antonio)

Stepped down for another job.

Special election 9-28-21

Runoff pending: Lujan (R) (41.53%) v Ramirez (D) (20.01%)

HD 122

Lyle Larson

(R-San Antonio)

Not seeking re-election.  Announced 10-13-21.
HD 124 (Possible)

Ina Minjarez

(D-San Antonio)

Has formed exploratory committee, considering run for mayor of San Antonio following Nelson Wolff's retirement announcement. (10-7-21)
HD 127

Dan Huberty


Huberty not seeking re-election.
HD 133

Jim Murphy


Not seeking re-election.



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